Finca Analia Specialty Coffee Farm and Exporter

Nestled in the fertile region of Huila, Colombia, Finca Analia is a
5-hectare farm dedicated to cultivating exceptional specialty
green coffee. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices and meticulous quality control ensures each batch reflects the rich flavors
and unique terroir of our region. At Finca Analia, we take pride in
exporting premium green coffee beans that offer a distinct and
memorable experience to coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Green Coffee
Roasted Coffee

Our In house Blend


Empowering Women in Coffee Farming

At Finca Analia, we celebrate the strength and dedication of women in coffee farming. Our team is proud to include passionate female farmers who play a crucial role in every step of coffee production, from cultivation to harvesting. Their expertise and hard work ensure the exceptional quality of our specialty coffee, embodying the spirit and resilience of our community.

Handpicked Perfection

Our coffee beans are carefully handpicked to ensure only the finest quality reaches your cup. At Finca Analia, we believe that the hands-on approach in selecting each bean highlights the artisanal nature of our coffee. This meticulous process guarantees a superior flavor profile that truly represents the rich heritage of Huila, Colombia.


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